Thursday, February 19, 2009

021909 Circular Functions Reflection

Hey guys,
Let me start offf by saying I detest circles and radians. Well the circular funtions unit isn't as difficult as it seems. I'm hoping I'll do well. Mr.K does a great job teaching, teaching us the; hows and whys. Not just stating the numbers and formulas that are hard to remember, like other teachers do.

Things we should know;
-converting radians to degrees, degrees to radians
- Arc length questions, portportions
- finding standard postion and finding reference angles
- solve for theta given different ranges
- exact values
- stretchs/ compressions, vertical/ horizonal shifts in functions
- unit circle
and so on.

and I don't get todays slides there's no questions or anything. So if you have the time care to tell me what we did in class today. But from my very little understanding it looks like what we did tuesday, is that right?

Well study hard precal classmates and good luck on the test tomorrow.


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