Thursday, February 19, 2009

oh bob~

hey guys! yeh its me again. don't worry, i'll keep this one blunt and short.

Recapping on your last unit, circular functions..
What i really liked about this unit, was how we were able to see the different methods of answering one question. Along with that, a little background info on how that method was discovered was interesting as well.
What i found hard about circular functions was and is the translations. The whole amplitude, period, and what-not got to me. maybe this is a side effect from physics? Ohh and the review questions from each exercise. i had allot of trouble recalling what i learned in grade 11... haha nonetheless, at least i know what i'll be studying tonight. What was easy for me, was most likely converting degrees to radians and vice versa. XD

Tips? i honestly don't know. i suggest you go over the slides, and redo the questions from the exercises that confused you the most.

okay im off to study, and i hope guyd are too!
byebye (:


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