Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scribe For the Day

Hey guys, it's j.L (John) here and yeah I just got off work and I'm tired.... So, I'm going to make this post as quick and painless as possible.

Well, we started off by talking about a grade 12 Mental Math Contest with prizes totalling up to 5000 dollars, if i remember correctly. Most of our class is grade 11's anyways, so most of us are going to take it next year, like me. Well i think i strayed off topic too much, back on to the real task.

So basically this picture is a triangle, which ray intersects a point on the unit circle. I already figured out the hypotenuse by the old Pythagorean Theory. Since I found out the hypotenuse, I can use a ratio to figure our what points the ray intersects the unit circle, Shown in the picture below:

Oh and also we learned the related angle of "theta" is know as "phi. After this stuff, we had a QUIZ "oooooooOOOOoooooo" "ahem".... Questions and answers are below:

So that was our dreaded quiz of the day. Oh and don't sleep in late for Mr K's classes or he will come to your house. Well I'll end this by choosing my next scribe and I CHOOSE YOU MATCHU a.k.a POKEMON CHAMPION (or his mortal name = Mathew). Later folks. Oh and haha maxed out again, nice job guys.