Thursday, February 19, 2009

Test time draws close!

Time to look back on what I've learned this unit! Flash back! Cue little floating thought bubble!

First in this unit we went over the unit circle. I learned about this last year in math and it was a great reminder! I forgot most of it but once we started again  it all came back. Sin of 30, 45, 60 degrees are 1/2, route 2/2 and route 3/2 respectively and opposite is true for Cos. The same holds true all around the unit circle. Sin is the y axis and cos is the measurement of the x axis. Tan is equal to sin/cos and is undefined at 90 and 270 degrees because cos is equal to 0 and you cannot divide by zero (except Chuck Norris).

If i remember correctly, we then learned about radians which was totally new to me. It was very interesting! 2pi is the full circumference of the circle and pi is half the circumference or 180 degrees. And I'm rambling on a lot.. I'll cut it short.

Sinusoidal axis, DABC, movement of graphs, up, down, stretching, amplitude, wavelength and finally period. :D Well I'm tired so I will follow up on one of those rules which someone said earlier get a good night sleep. 

:O *edited out for content* I'm not here tomorrow... umm Mr. K did you get an email from Ms. Troung... and your not here this week so probably not.... so ya...... see you all Monday..... I'll do the test then, alright Mr. K? :)


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