Friday, February 20, 2009

B to the O to the B to the... NOW! XD

Super late reflection but I'm pretty sure that "Did you blog" mark will come in handy XD

Well, at first in this unit i went to check myanswers from the exercises and found myself asking "why is pi=180 degrees??" among other questions. All of my questions were however answered immediately in class in more detail than I ever probably needed.

Big things (especially for me to remember):

All the proportions of a unit circle... R/Pi = D/180= Total Area/Sector Area = blah blah blah

Other small equations like s=(theta)(r)


Determining ALL possible angles of a given sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, or cot value and hopefully being able to determine all the values of the common angles for those... (1/0 = undefined.... good stuff...). Also making sure to factor questions properly will help when it comes to the questions solving for xER... (yeah i know that E and "is an element of" are not the same and its supposed to be more curvy-like... but cereally.. just yeah XD)

Our latest addition, y(x)= AsinB(x-C) + D, and how all of these lovely parameters transform our lovely sin wave graph.... amplitudes... periods... i thought I was done with those terms once physics was done... oh well XD

And yeah that's it... one last GOOD LUCK! to all of us writing the test tomorrow... or... today by now... Just try not to hate me TOO much when I do awesome :p just keeeeeding! XD Good night to you all! Pre-cal 40S FTW! Peace~


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