Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BOB - circular functions

Well since everyone else is doing there reflection early, I guess I will too. I will first start off by saying I do not know what BOB stands for, and hopefully theres no Bob in our class that may get confused xD.

Well Circular functions was a breeze, so I'm pretty confident on the upcoming unit test this Friday. Just going to do a little extra studying before the test because we all know about the forgeting curve :).

Mr. K also made it so much easier to get my brain ready for Math, since I haven't done it for like a year. Well explained discussions on the unit circle and also his knowledge of its history.

Best advice that was probably not given by Aldrin & PJ.

-Get LOTS of sleep before the test!
-Eat Breakfast before you come to school. (Obviously because this is the morning class and your brain will probably need some fast energy to get functioning.)
-Maybe run to school if you want to get your brain pumped. (Mr.K recommends it xD)
-I'd also go over the exercises to stop that decline in the forgeting curve xD
-Remember that we like radians, and will most likely be using it a lot in the test, so be ready to remember the basic ones like: Pi/2 = 90 degrees, Pi = 180 degrees, 3Pi/2 = 270 degrees, 2Pi = 360 degrees.
-The most important one that I usually forget is to READ EVERYTHING ON THE TEST CAREFULLY. Usually you might do something like putting exact values when he wants four decimal places or something.
-Always be aware of your time during the test; skip the question if your stuck and come to it later.
-And , EVERY teacher will probably say the same thing, don't leave an answer blank!

Well I hope everyone does well on the test! Don't forget doing the BOB is worth marks on the upcoming test xD!


  1. Hi Anthony,

    Great advice and very nicely color coded!!!

    What's the forgetting curve?


  2. Hi Lani,

    Thanx for the comment. The forgetting curve is a graph that represents forgetting what you learned as the days go by. So Mr. Kuropatwa told us to review through our notes to avoid the decline in our memory.