Friday, February 20, 2009

BOB in the morning

Sorry about doing this so late (technically early), but I had work yesterday.

So, the first thing we learn was about the 3 units of measurement: gradients (400 units), degrees (360) and radians (2pi). then we learn how to convert degrees to radians and vice-versa. Then we learn how radians are found on a unit circle, and we figured out the sin, cosine and tangent values for the angles. Then we learned the magical functions known as co secant, secant and cotangent. Then we learned the "k" or whatever letter you want to use, which basically is a variable and depending on what you say (e.g k is a element of integers) it changes. We used this to make a formula which would show us if the circle could go on forever how could you find the point when it went around the circle a certain amount of times.

Recently, we've been learning sinusoidal waves, which are curvy graphs. the formula for the graph is y(x)= AsinB(x-C) + D which determines how your graph looks.

Well i think i wrote most of it, I think I get most of the things on the test, but i guess we'll see today. Good luck to the rest of you (doubt you'll see this though, at least before the test).


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