Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is it I guess

Well, this semester of math is coming to a close and I must say that I have greatly enjoyed this class! It's been difficult at many times but for each hard time there has been a greater number of laughs and even more learning. I feel confident going into the exam but that is not what this post is about. It's more about looking back at the year and especially at our great teacher Mr. K.
It's going to be so different with out you Mr. K.
Here are a few memories gathered from your class Mr. K. that we're not going to forget(mostly XD).

These last 2 mornings without you in the room, it's been oddly quiet so we've turned on your music ourselves!!
It's just not going to be the same, "Any questions, complaints, concerns, uncertainties, anxieties.... etc..".
We're going to miss your one lie per class!
The story you told where when you were a little kid, you always wondered how so many people fit "in" the radio.. and they came to YOUR radio, and not someone else's radio!!!!
The time, not long ago, when learning about conics, you took the role of a samurai and amazed us with your skillz and vocabulary! (and calling it a shu-hords)
The time when you wanted to make sure we never forgot this thing... which i forgot... and you went NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO all over the smart board!
Someone has just told me that you always wear crocs! Not sure if it's true, is it?!?! If it is why??
Were going to miss your little block of wood with the 3 different views.
Were going to miss your amazing snapping technique!!!!!
Pi day was amazing as was going around sharing the love that was pie to the school.
Your cup of coffee every morning!
The story you told of how pythagorus thought beans had souls!!!
Your mathematical hero is Euler.
Putting blogging into a whole new light for us.
Although I was not there, people are telling me of how you thought
Well, this is it. Have a great summer everyone! Come back and visit Mr. K.!! If anyone has any other stories or memories let me know and I'll update my post!!
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