Tuesday, June 16, 2009

324th post; It's the end

So I've been meaning to do one final post, forever will I no longer have to blog for school. Exams are over and I'm sure you all did excellent. The school year has ended and it is now time for the exams. Study hard everybody, good luck with the rest of the exams.

I dreaded going to class everyday but I THINK I'm gonna miss it. It's weird that its all finally over. All the memories created through out the semester. As classes went by I think my interest in math sparked.

Thank you Mr.K for educating us so well in math, math wasn't so boring with you teaching us. Those interesting little facts and stories you always feed us. It was awesome how you got each student involved in someway. It is a shame that DMCI will be losing a teacher like you. Congratulations on your new job, take care and good luck in the future.

On the other note were you this type of student? I know I was.
New school semester:

At the first week:

At the second week:

Before the mid-term test:

During the mid-term test:

After the mid-term test:

Before the final exam:

Once know the final exam schedule:

7 days before final exam:

6 days before final exam:

5 days before final exam:

4 days before final exam:

3 days before final exam:

2 days before final exam:

1 day before final exam:

A night before final exam:

1 hour before final exam:

During the final exam:

Once walk out from the exam hall:

After the final exam, during the holiday:

Isn't that cute, I just thought I'd share.

Farewell Pre-cal 40S Winter 2009 Class
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