Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scribe...i accidentally put BOB earlier-__-

*note* Mr. K. made a correction to the formula we learned in previous sessions:
the correct formulas are now and
If you look the june 5 slides, pg 6 and 7 shows how we get to these formulas (sorry, my print srn doesn't really work)

On friday, the main thing we learned was solving infinite geometric series!'s the deal...basically, any fraction that is below 1 and over 0, to the power of infinity will be equal to zero...of course it's not REALLY zero, but our calculators don't have the potential to hold a number less than google, and there is no exact value for it since infinity is an idea and not a number...since it's really ultimately infinitely close to zero, we make it equal zero, making our lives easier. Look at the June 5th slides, page 13 for an example. be honest i don't really know what else to add...i'm a little preoccupied thinking finishing up my final project and worrying/studying for the exam...if anyone needs more clarification, just leave a comment within the next week and i'll fix this up some more...

-Jonno out
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