Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Final BOB: Good Luck To All

Hey guys this is the last time I will probably get the chance to blog in this site so I'm gonna take my time saying good luck to everyone who is taking the exam.
Since the exam is tomorrow and today is our last day i wanted to make sure i post a day before the exam just like how we would usually blog on test. The only exception is that this is gonna be the biggest test were gonna have.
In the classes I've spent here I've learned quite a lot of things. Besides math of course we were taught some pretty cool stuff too. For all of you guys who are reading i encourage you to take at least 5-10min from your busy schedule to post up our last blog reflecting this semester.

Why not? For some of us it will be our last time to blog so why not give it a go, for the others well you can probably just say good luck to everyone.
If there is something i do want to reflect on is how inspiring our teacher is. I for one am sure gonna miss him when we depart. We will someday meet again and everything you taught us we will remember in our own ways. The only thing i regret is that our time with you was short, but the memories last for a life time so i guess that compensates it.
Good luck to you our teacher. With patients and skills you taught us what we need to know. Now it is our turn to take the test and try our very best to succeed with the knowledge you provided us.
Once again good luck to everyone who will be taking the exam and don't over strain yourself in studying at the last minute. Take a break, look over the notes, have a little fun, and have plentiful of a good nights rest. When the exams comes your efforts will be tested.
Good luck again to everyone
Hope you do alright
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