Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exact Values on Feb. 6

What’s up y’all ! It’s Sheldon Cooper here as the scribe or just Aldrin S.! In case you forgot or just didn’t see, the chat box has been implemented, so chat away y’all. Oh and if a spontaneous voice comes through your speakers, it’s the yackpack, which allows you to communicate with others through speech. Anyways, enough of this excess textual nonsense. Let us get down to business !

At the start of class, we were immediately designated numbers to assemble into seven groups. After Mr. K. allocated us, it was straight to the smart board from there. Today’s topic was Exact Values in the Unit Circle, nothing Mr. Johnson didn’t already know. Right Johnson!

Mr. K. firstly introduced the lesson with a comical image or just an image one would characterize as altered. The first question was this:

Hover over this image for an explanation.

The next problem we tackled was this.

Hover over this image for an actual solution.

After witnessing PJ and Dion demonstrate their solutions to this question, we played "Guess My Sine!" In this game, we were to figure out the sine or cosine of an angle before Mr. K could. Mr. K was pretty fast but I managed to beat him at some while I was chilling with Kale. Before I begin explaining the exact values of certain angles, I must show you these values can be derived !


Now let us get to the EXACT VALUES !



If you guys have any questions or need some help or confirmation, post your problems in the blog. Use it to your advantage muahahha !

Figure out the next scribe...


  1. wow that blog was really cool!! I like how you did the "hover" thing it seems like a good way to save space.

  2. Cool! You have awesome HTML skills! And very clever with the whole "hover" thing. It saves a lot of space.

  3. Nice blog, you've got show us how to do that hover thing!

  4. I finally had the chance to read it. Aldrin's like, Mr. Scribe of the Year or something. No wonder you were telling me to read it -_-"
    I know why you picked me, my scribe post will be nothing compared to yours. haha oh well.

  5. Excellent scribe post! I'm going to use the images you made in class, this one and future classes.

    I think we need to talk about The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame in class.

  6. Hi SheldonCooper,

    You've engaged your reader and explained the concepts with both text and graphics!!! Bravo!! Extremely well done!!!

    Absolutely a Hall of Fame post if you all decide to go there--


  7. nice blog .. but how do you do the hover things ?? i don't know how to do that :|

  8. Aldrin... why do you have to be so amazing O.O... Awesome post! Very informative, and also very innovative with the html and whatnot. Talk about setting the bar higher haha! Nothing else to say... speechless.. ~ Matchu

  9. I just have to say... HOLY MAN......this is like.... the equivalent of a 3D scribe post lol. To me it is.

  10. Hall of Fame haha well I nominate this for the hall of fame...
    take a look at this Mr. K

  11. @aichelle I saw that when it was originally published. Blew me away then ... and now, I've just connected the dots. I'm teaching mest in my class, aren't I? ;-)

    A word of advice mest, your images from you SP scribe post in Mr. Harbeck's class have all gone offline. Photobucket doesn't have the longevity of Google's Picassa or flickr. If you want this scribe post to last, upload your images to Picassa or flickr.

  12. indeed it is Mest..he has more than one alias... Aldrin/Dr. Sheldon Cooper/Mest/Aichelle's brother

  13. @aichelle: Such a prolific authour. You must be proud. ;-)

  14. Way to go Aldrin. You always were an excellent scribe and blogger. Set the bar high and make the others work hard. It is nice to see so many comments on a wonderful piece of math work.

    Comments are the life blood of a blog. Keep up the great work PreCal 40 students.

    Do you miss me?

  15. Well now that we've finally talked this over in class it's time to say something that's been looooong overdue.

    I nominate this post made by SheldonCooper on the topic of Exact Values in the Circular Functions unit to be inducted into the Scribe Post Hall of Fame.

    My reasons for this are many and strong. This post was creative, eye catching and mathematically accurate. As you can tell by the comments, his creative use of html, which allowed the viewers to interact with his post, has scored well with the people viewing the blog and with a blog like ours, where our main objective is to create an online textbook for people around the world to use, that is a very important thing.

    His idea to put in a scroll box and using the "hover" technique kept his post looking short, clean and very elegant. It also made things easier to follow and understand.

    And so, for the creativity, mathematical accuracy and the "appealing"-ness of this post to the audience I'm sure that we can all agree that this post belongs to the Hall of Fame.

  16. Yea now that we have all talked about the hall of fame :D
    I nominate this post to the hall of fame for its flashy, creative and useful notes. Everything was clear and concise. Also great visual aids :D.
    I'm almost positive you'll be the first to enter our class hall of fame :D